24 Hour Prayer Line


In order to be on the 24-hour prayer line, the participants must first understand what we are praying about.

The participants will volunteer to pray one hour in a twenty-four hour period.

They will need to pray an hour comfortably so that they will not get tired or quit.

The objective is to have a prayer team, or participant to fill each hour in a twenty-four hour period.

The prayer teams or participants are to share with their prayer leaders or the ministry heading up the 24-hour prayer line, what God is speaking to them.Prayer_Line3

It would be wise if the teams and participants would report on a weekly basis; that way the reporting times will not cause confusion.

The ministry heading up the prayer line will send an email or send a letter to each team or participant letting them know if everyone is on the same page or in there are new revelations from God.

It is imperative that the participants or teams are Christian base participants.

The purpose for a 24 hour prayer line is to bring churches and leaders close together, braking denominational walls, bringing structure and order to our city, and become a source of help, hope and resource for youth, young adults, children and most important to the elderly.



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